May 17, 2011

17 Savour Life's Sweetness


Savour the sweetness in life

And suckle on its lingering nectar

Letting its syrupiness seep in and drip

Into the periods of scarcity and droughts

Until its honeyed reservoir

Flows unreservedly in abundance

Sapping the nettled stings of struggles



  1. Hi Rhapsody,I want to say you Hello and give you a lot of warm and bright sunbeams in your heart. I wish your day will be whole sweetness and you can feel happy. Have a great time with a lot of magical moments. Be blessed!Greetings from Germany to you, my friend. Cinderella

  2. Hi, Rhapsody!Thank you for you comment on my profile picture! Nice, isn’t it? When you’re out travelling the way I do, you meet so many interesting people..!!! I met this Borat at a hostel in Lisbon, and of course I had to get a picture of him and me About your bee blog here – have you heard the last horryfying news about the bees? They disappear! They call it the CCD (Colony collapse disorder). Very serious, because this doesn’t only mean no honey. It also means no apples, no pears, no strawberries, no almonds… (Norwegian website)

  3. Nice..we’d all sure like to enjoy the nectar of life!

  4. Damn I was jammin’ to DMX’s Lord Give Me a Sign, I love that song!! No gurl, please doh take it personal at all, it’s not that I’m scarce at all nah, it’s just that life is constantly happening all around me (thank God) and I’ve been trying to handle meh bizness before it start stinkin’! Anyways, yuh know dat I always here.Seeing that bee with the spoonful of honey made me remember a documentary I saw last week about bees disappearing and the effects that it can cause. Nice piece – as usual!Have a wonderful week!

  5. This is beautiful, it was like it was ment for me lol

  6. These words touch my soul. Have a day whole sweetness!Hugs, Karin

  7. Funny how life can be sweet and scarce at the same time, I suppose that is reward and lesson needed for future strength.You are always sweet it seems, hugs from Alaska and me

  8. Ohhhhh…NICE!! I always loved the word, "nectar".

  9. Savor Life’s Sweetness! How often we would have in these day worlds? unfotunately we are lives in an artificial world?Some people are changing their face and spent so much money then other side people are die of hunger. It is a long away from what you expected in the world.In Japan you can buy 1kg an Apple ..but some people are buy them. I agree with Ms.FAB: because we used more powerful spray for the plants as same time we kill all good insects too.I enjoy read your post, Michiko

  10. Very nice Fab! I need to do just that.

  11. Hi Rhapsody,
    Lovely poem, thanks.

  12. The lines are as sweet as the nectar.

  13. Oh, sweet nectar! Love honey... love life. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.

  14. Its when you have had a bad day sit down and take a long lingering and long awaited drink...AWWW Oh thats Nectar.... Lovely post Sheila .

  15. Beautifully put.. I have always maintained that you have a way with words...

  16. Over here steeping in the sweetness! Hope all in your world is well. Peace and blessings!


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