Jun 1, 2011

6 My Pic of the Day–Avoiding the Sun

Avoiding the sun

8:45 am June 1, 2011 passengers at Bathurst Subway Station waiting by the designated bus stop for the 7C Bus all turned their backs to avoid the sun. Each person joining the line automatically stood with their backs to the sun even though the sun was not directly on them. I found it fascinating and wondered if the phrase “people are like sheep” applied.  I quickly took out my cellphone and took a quick snap, I call this photograph, Avoiding The Sun.


  1. OMG.If all of them do similarly to avoid a common discomfort, would you call it sheepish mentality?

  2. LOL!!! People are indeed like sheep!

  3. Hmmmm...maybe, we are? *grinning*....or should i say more out of reflex action..just as in Nigeria when someone starts running, people not knowing why, would begin to run also, & when asked why running, they give a *blank stare*..hahahahha.. SURVIVAL INSTINCT in action!

  4. I'm no sun worshipper but how hot could it have been? It was only 8:45.

  5. Lollll!!! They'll looking for shade nau? hehe


  6. After seeing this photo, kind of brings back memories of that game we used to play as a child ... Duck, Duck, Goose. Makes me want to bop one on the head just to see what will happen.
    Honestly, my first thought was that they were suspects in a lineup. Then I was wondering where you were!!


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