Mar 22, 2011

14 The Appropriateness of No Response

devious-aya There are times when it is absolutely appropriate to say nothing less you say something you cannot take back, say something you should not or abandon all etiquette of good manners and tolerance in favor of deliberate sarcastic rude obnoxious behavior wheeled with the explicit intent to humiliate.

Some good examples of times should hold one’s tongue includes the painfully obvious such as:

  • Encountering someone who is familiar with you and you’ve just had a haircut, you go from medium length hair to a buzz cut and they ask… “Did you cut your hair?” and you think …hmmmm… do you really want a response? Or…

  • You’ve lost 50 pounds going from a size 18 to a 10 and they ask, “Did you lose weight?” better yet how about…

  • You present someone with a gift saying ‘for you’ and they say, “For me! Are you sure? Really?” making you feel to snatch it back and say never mind.

Well yesterday was such a day for me. On my way to pick up my mother from the bus station I stopped before I exited the subway to purchase some senior tickets (65 years or older) for her for our return trip home. There was a bit of a line. I waited in line to make my purchase and when it was my turn I asked for 2 senior tickets but was duhtold that they were sold in 5’s ($8.25) or 10’s ($16.50). I asked for 5 and paid with a $20 bill, upon receipt of my 5 tickets and change ($12.75) the young woman looked at me and asked, “They are not for you are they?” I just took my tickets and change and looked at her straight in the eyes and burst out laughing, the look on her face was priceless when she realized the stupidity of her question. I just shook my head and left. I didn’t even answer her. I thought, ‘what an idiot, definitely too much peroxide in the head’. I wanted to say no duh….!


  1. LOL – I’ve had quite a few of those questions that didn’t deserve a response asked to me – waaaaay to many!! You did great, ’cause I would not have even justified it with a laugh. She would have gotten a stupid look that she deserved and then a walk off.

  2. We all had problems when we were younger age …just open a big mouth than said sorry but already TOO LATE for that… AND you got headache after that too LOL! Have a great week head, Michiko

  3. I must admit sometimes I ask questions that I obviously should know the answer to. People who know me either ignore me, shake their heads or answer anyway. I guess the people who don’t know me probably respond the way you did today…but they probably do it behind my back, because I don’t see them :-).

  4. Foot in mouth is my biggest problem.

  5. :) Silence is quite golden :)

  6. Good morning…Us men are known to say more stupid things than women. I have to admit it is probably true. But I have become wiser with age and usually am a man with few words. From both sides of the fence we shouldn’t be babblers. You have a wonderful week too…Thank you

  7. *laughing*..ha! she sounded like the typical 9ja people!..always asking a rhetorical question...are you going out?...n-a-y! i just want to play 'dress-up' at home!

  8. lol... thats d extent rhetorical question has gone today, but its really funny

  9. We all have days like these, things that make you go hmmm. No doubt, stupidity is more prolific than intelligence and thoughtfulness. I think you handled it well though lol :).

  10. Ha ha I know exactly what you mean...I have taken now to not answering my husband when he say's something dumb otherwise i will just have to be sarcastic

  11. Ha ha great what a hoot would have loved to have seen her face.!! Had days like this , take care and thank you for popping over to my post.Have a grand weekend. Sheila.:)

  12. Hahha! That's wicked!!LOL. Sometimes silence is the best way to make someone feel stupid hehe


  13. I'm sorry, but yes I had a good chuckle. I have to say, I went for a haircut and when the young lady was done cutting my hair, I thanked her for getting rid of most of my grey hair. Her reply: "They'll grow back and come in even more."
    The nerve of some people eh? :)


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