Mar 20, 2011

16 So I Lose My Couth

Standing here at the corner of Bathurst and college I am waiting for the streetcar to go home. It’s been a long day and I am tired. Taking out my book “Rhythms of Love” by Beverly Jenkins & Elaine Overton I am reading pasting the time enjoyably as I wait glancing up periodical for the streetcar. Pausing to adjust my lunch bag I see one coming and quickly fish my metropass out of my bag. It stops in front of me a short distance away (5/6 footsteps). I walk the short distance to board. Stopping behind a man talking on his cell phone I am patiently waiting for him to ascend however he doesn’t move, he seem to be searching for something. The streetcar door is wide enough for two people to board simultaneously but because the man stood in the middle of both pathways no one is able to pass him as he was searching around with one hand, holding the phone to his ear with the other while he is chatting away. I am praying for patience.

angryTaking a deep breath to calm my rising irritation I said, “excuse me,” nothing, “excuse me,” again nothing. Taking one more breath I said, “Excuse me, are you going in?” “What, what is your problem!” He shouts. Looking at him and counting to three I said, “I will like to go into the streetcar”. He steps up to stairs and again stands in the middle where no one else could pass him and he continues to talk and search while people are standing outside waiting to board. Praying for providence I say, “Excuse me”. He shouted, “What is the matter with you, can’t you see I am talking to my friend!” He steps up another step still blocking the pathway. I am so beyond being polite at this point that I move him physically by elbowing him out of the way and verbally by saying “move your ass people want to get on” and flash my pass to the driver who hid her smile. As I made my way down the streetcar I can hear him right behind me verbally going off. “I know you, you people, you think I don’t know you.” I responded, “and….what of it, I don’t give a rats ass if you think know me or not, you think you can just stand in front of everyone and we must wait until you are damn good and ready to move, how many times you were ask to excuse us so we could pass and you refuse to move, who do you think you are, the king of the shit, man just kiss my ass and shut to hell up.” He was quiet for the rest of the ride there was not another peep out of his mouth. At the side of my eyes I can see people hiding their faces and laughing. The rest of the ride to the subway was thankfully peaceful. I seldom lose my cool but every once in a while you got to let the rabbit loose.

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