Mar 24, 2011


Crouched behind hinged legs I hide
Too afraid to fly
Instead I lie and wait to die

The spirits cocooned,
Fear the vise
Plagued by liberty in the imagination

Push down the fear and take flight
No longer deterred by unreasoned fright



  1. Wow!! These words could apply to so many things.

  2. My thoughts soar, my heart reaches out for the newness of life and my body flinches with anticipation! I stomp fear with my words and see myself rising!

  3. You have described my life ….. to me my new friend.

  4. This is great writing… thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful. I love it!I stopped by just to say hello and see how you’re doing. I hope all is well with you. I hope you had a wonderful week.

  6. just droppin’ by to say hello…hmmmm… this is also true to me The experience broke my legs hehehehebut this is not the time to break our life … but overcome it God bless Peace be with you

  7. Hey…Hey…I’m back after another computer crash. Yes, hurt and pain are hard to overcome. But in His Will great things can be done. We may be broken from our plights. He gives us the healing strength and rebuilds our might for even more flights. Have a superb week and thank you for always helping us search our hearts.Peace…Greg

  8. power and hold perfectly..The message is clear. Fight it..

  9. The things we regret are often not the mistakes we have made, but the things that we have left undone. Mistakes we can learn from. But the things not done, we will never know what the outcome would have been. How many regret the not knowing? Fear is one of the strongest motivators for doing nothing.

  10. By the way that was an excellent poem. thanks for sharing it.

  11. nice poem, i second Jay's words

  12. Awesome and inspirng poem; never let fear hold you down. Thanks for sharing:)

  13. Excellent lines.If only we could follow the mesage in the lines
    "Push down the fear and take flight
    No longer deterred by unreasoned fright"
    life would be a great joy

  14. Well written, and such a great advice too. Thanks for sharing.

  15. True Talk!

    "Feel the fear...and do it anyway"


  16. It’s liberating! One way to fix feelings of boredom or that you’re ‘stuck in a rut’ is make that first decision to get out! Change can be a great thing. Fear is limiting. You will never be all that you can be as long as fear is holding you back. One accomplishment leads to another. As you step outside your comfort zone, small steps lead to larger ones – who knows what you can achieve. I know this first hand.


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