Mar 15, 2011

16 Analyze writing unedited

If I were a bird I would fly high above the clouds soaring freely unencumbered and challenge myself to new heights and explore how far my lungs, wings and determination would carry me. I’d be mindful of the hands outstretched in peace implying comfort and tranquility; inferring warmth with promises to hold me and listen to my joyful chirps right before snaring me into a life of servitude to their pleasure and entertainment. There is no fulfillment in being a puppet, puppeteered and paraded at command and continually coerced into surrendering my will, my power, my happiness managing only to stifle my passions to live liberally and travel without hindrance for my captor the collaborator of self-indulgence intentionally paved my road to hell. It is simply not what rings my bell. For their assistance will succeed only in caging me to their will while victoriously circumventing my own and rending me infantile, irrelevant, wading my potential, desires, and passions invisible, null and void thwarting my autonym giving me a lobotomy and permanently castrating my ingenuity.


Repost…first published Sept.30.2010

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