Jan 1, 2011

3 Green Fist – Plants at My Sister’s House

Some people just have the gift for growing things and some of us have to work at it. These are the plants flourishing beautifully at my sister’s place.

SAM_1394 SAM_1355 SAM_1356 SAM_1357 SAM_1360 SAM_1366 SAM_1363 SAM_1365 SAM_1359SAM_1362SAM_1364 SAM_1367 SAM_1369 SAM_1370 SAM_1371 SAM_1391 SAM_1373 SAM_1368

As you can see the plants are all in their glory. As I had mentioned in my August 13th 2010 post, my sister has a virtual jungle in her house, well here is just a few (23) to prove my point. At the risk of sounding redundant, one of these days I will have to call in the rescuer from Jumanji to find her. I forgot to take a photo of the Spanish thyme, it is practically to the ceiling. I don’t bother buying thyme. I simply go there and pick off some or have her bring some to me. As you can see the last two plants are quite elaborate as they are running along the floor. You can click on the photographs of the plants if you want to get a better view.

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