Dec 26, 2010

9 My Christmas Tree 2

Christmas Tree 1 Christmas Tree 2 Christmas Tree 3 Christmas Tree 4

Christmas Tree 5

I am a bit late on my update of my Christmas tree however i am going with the old saying “better late than never.” Last I wrote I was doing the Orange Theme. I stayed with that and managed to find a few orange ornaments (orange fuzzy rings, orange bronze with gold swirls and gold top shapes) to fill what I feel were gaps that had the tree looking a bit sparse. I added another set of lights, reused the gold ribbons that were on the orange bronze ornaments box. Here I have taken a few shots with the light on and with the lights off. The last photograph my hands was a bit unsteady and it gave the lights a shooting star effect, I opt to keep it, sometimes mistakes are beautiful. I hope your Christmas was great filled with love, warmth, peace and good will minus the dysfunctional dramatic drunken name calling brawls.

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