Jan 12, 2011

8 Lessons Learnt…

chrstal blue ball2

I have found that everyday in life there is a lesson to be learnt, sometimes its subtle, sometimes apparent other times it comes in a whisper on the waves of a loved one preparing you and contributing in your growth as a person or it may come flying out of the mouth of someone who cares little about you or your feelings, either way the lesson comes and if we are in the right state of mind of readiness we get it and if not it passes us by only to come again in another place, another time, another circumstance.

This New Year has reignited some truths of lessons learnt. It’s gentle reminder begs for mindfulness to not forget or become complacent less the course in relearning will commence.

A Gentle Reminder of lessons learnt:

  • To remain open to learning new things
  • To be willing to teach what I have already learnt from roads travelled to those willing to listen
  • That at any given time in life regardless of circumstance, socio-economic standing, geography, religion, tradition, culture or ethos we will be in either of two positions: mentor/teacher or student/apprentice and those positions can shift indiscriminately .
  • To be astute enough to understand that what we learn, if we are prepared to learn it and share if we willing to share it, is determined by our readiness to be accountable, embrace change while leaving space for the acceptance of things as they are and not as we desire, will or assume them to be.
  • That all things big or small in our lives is influence and transformed when we exercise our free will and choice on how it will impact and determine our future.

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