Dec 20, 2010

7 My Christmas Tree


So I am working on my Christmas tree. I am thinking of going for the minimalist theme but I am not feeling the sparseness of it at all.

I love a tree that looks full however I have found that through the years I am not into the helter skelter everything on the tree but the kitchen sink look. Rather I am leaning towards same colors in varying tones and hues. With that in mind I went shopping for some lights and thought I'd let my feel of Christmas dictate what tones/hues I’d pick up.

Finding the lights prove to be a challenge because the simplicity of Christmas lights are a thing of the past. How do I know, I made the mistake last year of thinking, ‘oh great Christmas lights for my tree and just bought it only to ended up with garland Christmas lights i.e. everything clump together to hang like a garland. Make sense right, only this was supposed to be for my Christmas tree, too late to go out and get the regular kind I used the garland lights. Not a big fan of it for the tree but hey it worked. So this year I thought I’d reuse the garland lights but incorporate the regular lights with it. I thought a quick run in and out of Wal-Mart would suffice, ha! Yeah right. First none of the sales people, cashiers I ask seem to know where the lights were specifically all they kept saying was "in Seasonal". "Seasonal" is a big jackass section that took up a quarter of the store. Tired of walking around aimlessly in the "Seasonal" section like a chicken without a head I asked another employee, sadly i got the same response "in Seasonal". Fed up I just decided to walk around. It took me ten minutes of walking every isle searching shelf by shelf to find the Christmas lights and guess what when I did, I was besieged by every variation of lights man invented from garland lights, outdoor lights, curtain lights, blub lights, string lights, Santa Claus lights, big lights, small lights, lights that don’t blink, lights that blink, color lights, white lights, only green lights, red lights, to purple lights and beyond. 'Have mercy' I thought 'things couldn't get worse.' I was wrong. I found the lights alright only they were all mixed up, not neatly catalogued rows wonderfully labeled oh no they were all jumbled together, oh yes, I had to search reading every box to get the ones I wanted, you know I was so not loving that. Needless to say I came out of there with a headache, shoulder ache, back ache and foot ache but with my mission accomplished.

Finding the theme was easy enough, in fact i wasn't even thinking about it or looking for that matter. I Just happened upon some decorations that struck my fancy while grocery shopping. This year its the orange family, burnt orange, shiny orange, matte orange, gold orange, I am loving it. There is only one problem, I think it is not enough. Just look at the tree it looks rather sparse don't you think? hmmmmmmm....I am just remembering the orange hair rag dolls i used last year, hmmmmm, they fit the theme rather nicely and there is enough of them to eliminate the present sparseness. Yep, orange hair rag dolls it is. I will add them to the tree and I will update you with a photograph of the finished product.

Have a fabulous day beautiful people.

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