Nov 17, 2010

4 Fascinatingly Beautiful Black Trees

The path to learning is seldom straight and the things one has to learn, will learn, should learn is infinite. This morning I learned something new, black trees. I never knew there were black trees. Now I know that some crazy to some of you who may have already known that but for me, it is a new knowledge acquired. They are fascinatingly beautiful. I had to get a little closer to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Once confirmed that indeed they are black I of course had to take pictures. Look closely at some of the tree trunks they a molten black.

These green top of trees belong to the black trunks, see how they tower over the others. Just click on the pictures for a larger image, you will be able to distinquish the color difference better.

I tried to go in for a closer look. See the black trees how they stand out between the browns?
It was a very cloudy day today so daylight was dim. I wanted to go further in but dare not as I am not familiar with the area and fascinated or not safety comes first. I did get close enough to touch one and examine the coloring. It is molten black. hmmmmm....fascinating.

I tried googling and searching for "black trees" but i found nothing, at least nothing that gave me the answer I wanted. I am quite sure my search was inadequate as my knowledge on trees is pretty much non-existent and I didn't/don't know the appropriate name of the trees. It intrigues me none the less. If you have more knowledge than me about these black trees or you know someone who is virtually an encyclopedia of information on trees and they or you can identify what type of trees these are please let me know.
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