Nov 11, 2010

10 Life’s Everyday Miracles, Be Thankful

In a world where people are fast becoming jaded due to the tough economic times that have us struggling through personal fears, trials and tribulations the miracle of the everyday gets lost. Heck most of us don’t even know it is there to begin with because we are so weighed down by stress, frustration, feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy and worry.

The sun rising in the morning sky goes unnoticed; the birds happy chirping is barely registered through the noise of life’s demands as we rush to get to here or there, to get this done and that done. Blossoming flowers are seldom given a though unless there is a special event that we may feel warrant a pause for the cause, perhaps a birthday or anniversary where receiving flowers acts as the symbolism to “specialness” that make us feel loved, honored, appreciated and acknowledged. Simply put, the wonder of the everyday moves forward, around and through in a glaze, taken for granted by us as we become entrenched in our own stuff that ultimately influences our behavior of entitlement to the little miracles that comes and continue to come our way making our lives more manageable. We forget to be thankful. Our ability to be gracious about our blessings gets buried, lost in the struggle for survival. Is it intentional, no, but you know what “they” say (whomever they are), “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
So what is the solution? I say take a minute in everyday and say thank you, be thankful. Thank you for what you may ask. Be thankful:

  • For the bus driver that stop for you at a place that is not a stop because he saw you running trying to catch him.
  • For the air you breathing now because without it you will not exist
  • To the person that preceded you through a door and holds open for you
  • For your ability to read, understand and articulate yourself
  • For your ability to communicate
  • To the person that allows you to butt in line in front of them in the grocery store because you have two items and they have twelve
  • For your ability to defecate yes I said defecate, don’t knock it trust there are people who have to have medical assistance and spend thousands of dollars to do that stuff. The body’s ability to dispel waste is no laughing matter, so be thankful it is not a nasty thing it’s a beautiful thing to be able to go without aid of any kind.
  • To the person that is gracious enough to offer you their seat when your feet are tired and your bones wary
  • To a friend that picks up extra of something that was on sale and gives it to you simply because they know you like it
  • For your ability to see, speak, hear

Just be thankful for everything and anything (in spite of the changelles) you are able to do in this world because its all a blessing. Does it negate your struggle, no it does not. It simply means you know how to appreciate what you have while wanting more and better for yourself and your family. It is always wise to keep in mind that things can always be worst and get worst and worst is what you can well do without.


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