Nov 25, 2010

6 18th Floor View - Imperfect Perfection.

I can never resist a beautiful scenery as a result I always walk with my camera in my handbag prepared for any splendid opportunity that may present itself. I love freezing what I feel is a perfect moment in time. This day certainly presented such a moment. The view was breath takingly spectacular. My only regret is that I didn't have my big SLR camera.

I walked into this office on the eighteen floor of a building on Dundas and University Avenue in Toronto and promptly stopped in midsentence in awe of the view before me. The woman just smiled “Yeah, its quite a view” she said. “How do you get any work done, the view is so magnificent.” I said while searching in my bag for my camera. Before she could finish her response I asked, “Do you mind if I take a few pictures?” No I don't mind she answered. I was across the room up against the glass trying to get as much of the view in the frame as possible. The Sun's reflection was a definite challenge quite frankly it was frustrating. I wished I could simply open a window and move the glass obstructing my view.

Challenges aside I captured as much of the landscape as humanly possible. If you look carefully to the back of every photo you will see the lake (Lake Ontario). They are less than perfect photos due to the reflection of light capturing some of the interior of the office but sometimes imperfection is perfection which is my title for this series – Imperfect Perfection.

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