Nov 27, 2010

25 Can You Tell The Difference?

Hey people.....yeah, am on a tear and ready to rant. Now, I know this will get some people twisted but it's all good. Let your comments opinions fly, it's all good besides you know what "they" say (whoever they are). "Opinions are like assholes and everybody's got one." I just need to share some thoughts on the change in times and the blurring of meanings.

You know I am one of the last people that like to use the phrase "remember when", because frankly it makes you sound old like dirt however I have to say this particular subject matter merits the exceptional waylay into the "Remember When" phrase. One of the things I enjoy doing is observing change; u know people, trend, fashion and so forth. One of the biggest change I have noticed over the years is women's attire and what is designated as "Sexy" um..., um…, I am using the term “sexy” very loosely people. Remember when” you could identify a prostitute and what were some of the obvious indicators that clearly said PROSITUTE? They were...

The too short skirts that revealed everything

Ridiculously small tops/dresses that left nothing to the imagination, some with the plunging necklines so low one couldn’t tell if the top/dress were back-to-front.

Tight pants that molded the body and gave away its secrets, i.e. explicit visual of the shape and size vaginas

Dresses that shout "look at my tits and ass"

These were styles that spoke suggestively of the illicitness goods to be bought and sold. It was intentionally used to draw the attention of men seeking to solicit what they were selling. The excessive exposure of flesh was designed specially to entice, titillate, and reveal bodily assets -a bonus, the cherry on the cake so to speak (if you like that analogy). The deliberate and explicit flaunting of flesh was the marketing foundation of how prostitutes earned their living.

What’s my point? My point comes more in the form of a question really. A debate if you will concerning the way women dress today and my question is. Can you identify the difference between a woman who is a prostitute today and one who is not?
Bear in mind we are comparing article of dress as society's consensus for “sexy” now seems to border on sleazy, skimpy and cheap. Labels once associated and earmarked as "Prostitue".

Now historically we have been thought to visually identify a prostitute by style and mode of clothing. One quick look and you can pretty much make an accurate guest. The trouble today is the lines has been blurred as women of today are now taking up this style of wear and getting offended when the historically labeling for prostitutes (visual identification) is assigned to them. Hence, if you dress like a whore it is presumed that you are one (although this may not be true) or at the very least have an affinity to be whore-like.

The fact is women have a responsibility to themselves, and just because you “have it does not mean you should flaunt it”. Of course this does not negate the man’s responsibility to respect a woman’s right to dress as she feel like on the other hand come on women, unless hookers, whores, prostitutes, call girls and the like find another way in which they can be identified other than their state of undress, you might want to consider the message you are sending, intentional or not.

I can hear all the arguments and I know them ok, and while I might agree with 99% of them some of which reads like “just because a woman dresses “sexy” does not mean she is a whore, and “ a woman has the right to dress the way she wants”, yeah I get all that and in theory you are absolutely correct only theory is not walking down the road reasoning with every man/woman telling him/her to reason as to whether or not your clothes represents correctly who you are. If he/she passes the street corner and sees prostitutes and you pass by wearing the same outfit, well, what’s the conclusion?

  • What are you saying when you wear a skirt so short that you cannot bend, stretch, sit down or sneeze because all your property is on display and you practically see the whole of china?
  • What are you saying when you wear a top so tight and so low that even your nipples fighting for cover?
  • What do you really expect men to think, Oh there goes a good Christian (or whatever religious denomination you ascribe to) girl, let me speak to her about philosophy and world affairs?
Like I said I know all the reasoning and debates and more than likely I would agree with you on most but we are dealing with reality here.All I am saying is think about the message you giving and want to send. Sexy is a state of mind not a state of wear and a woman must have a little mystery about herself. If you give away everything in the first few chapters what’s the point of reading the book?

I mean all of a sudden women are getting naked to attract men, come on ladies. What is worst is it is fast becoming normalized. Ladies I don't need to see your nipples, bottoms and neither regions for gripes sakes. You can do sensual and classy without exposing everything including your DNA. leave the extremes for the bedroom.

Its funny many criticize Muslim women for their state of wear cause while not all many are covered from head to toe but guess what, 80% of them are also married. What does that say?

Here is an interesting question: How is it that the rate of marriage among Muslim women some who show nothing but their eyes is higher than that of women who practically bare it all?

Any answers people.................enlighten me. Am I completely off base here? Am I wrong? Tell me I could use some good intellectual stimulation. Please don't hold back on my account.

First blog published in August 2005 on ROAM

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