Dec 2, 2010

19 Festive Lights - Signs of the Holiday

Festive lights on Dundas and Yonge in downtown Toronto. The tree lights actually changes color from white to blue, blue to white. I tried to capture the transition between the two lights as you will see in the first and second set of three photograps. The polar bears are simply white lights, beautiful eh.

I am often conflicted this time of the year although struck with the wonder and beauty of the transformations welcoming in the holiday. I am of two minds. One I love to see the lights signaling the coming holiday, the anticipation of meeting friends and family catching up on old times being introduce to new additions and eating good food and magnificent black cakes. However on the other hand I am appalled by the excessiveness and waste. How it seems that the focus lean more toward "things" than the quality of how we live and are living as human beings. Then I say to myself, ‘Self, get a grip, loosen up your panty strings and stop being so uptight,” and while I do to a degree I vacillate between the two feelings that reside alongside each other. They dwell in the same place occupying the same space in my mind. It is what keeps me humble, grateful and mindful because I know the flip side to it all is some going hungry, not having adequate housing, and proper clothing. So I celebrate tempering it with humility and reverence.

I will keep adding more festive lights as I encounter them around the city for your viewing pleasure so please come back often and let me know what you think..
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