Aug 13, 2010

5 My Colleagues Green Fist & Plants in the Office

While I cannot boast a green thumb as mine is somewhat grey there are a couple of people I know with what I call a green fist, nevermind the thumb. Yeah a green fist because plants just seem to bloom like wildfire. These two people are my sister who has a virtual jungle in her house. I swear I think one day I will have to call in the rescuer from Jumanji to find her (one of these days I promise to take pictures of her forest treasures to show you) and my colleague-our office manager J. She has over the years nurtured a wealth of plants in the office and they bloom magnificently under her care. I am in envy of her green fist. Here is a look at some of the plants around the office. I have my eye on the Croton and as soon as she gives the word that its time to trim it, I will ask her for a piece.


  1. The plants on display area delight to the eyes.
    "A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them."
    Crotons are so easy to grow.Just plant a twig/branch and in a few days they start sprouting.I had in my younger days collected many varieties

  2. The plants are beautiful. My husband had a green thumb like that. I do not. lol
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hi Rhapsody,
    What lovely plants.
    Look forward to more great photos.
    Have a good day.

  4. Hi Rhapsody,

    The plants are so beautiful. I'm trying to get a green thumb like yours even if I have to resort to dyeing them. LOL.

  5. I loved the all green plants in your office
    You are lucky to have a Green thumb friends.
    But I always think why calld green thumb?
    it's not really in the color? all the time dirty my hands:-)
    By the way why my profile picture doesn't show the rose flower in your follows?


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