Aug 13, 2010

5 My Colleagues Green Fist & Plants in the Office

While I cannot boast a green thumb as mine is somewhat grey there are a couple of people I know with what I call a green fist, nevermind the thumb. Yeah a green fist because plants just seem to bloom like wildfire. These two people are my sister who has a virtual jungle in her house. I swear I think one day I will have to call in the rescuer from Jumanji to find her (one of these days I promise to take pictures of her forest treasures to show you) and my colleague-our office manager J. She has over the years nurtured a wealth of plants in the office and they bloom magnificently under her care. I am in envy of her green fist. Here is a look at some of the plants around the office. I have my eye on the Croton and as soon as she gives the word that its time to trim it, I will ask her for a piece.
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