Aug 7, 2010

12 My Plants & Me

I sat last night watching my plants and maveling at their growth. This Pothos plant is my first one to outlive all plants. It was given to me by a friend about 19+ years ago. To look at it one wouldn't think it was that old but it is. It is a very low maintenance plant, just needs water once a week, some food maybe once every month or once every two months . My kind of plant really, independent as heck and ask for very little except the occasional sustenance. This is my beautiful Coleus Plant below I bought it last year because frankly it was stunning. Of course it doesn't look quite the same. When I brought it home it was well shaped and rounded and I am afraid under my unskilled hand it simply blooms as it damn well pleases. Never the less it is still beautiful, i even got a wonderful surprise of flowers. I had no idea that they sprouted flowers, little purple ones. The only drawback with this plant is that it needs loads of attention, water twice a week, plus it sheds it leaves so there is always clean up to be done but i abide with it as its color lightens me. I am on the hunt for a couple of other low maintenance independent plants that don't mind just doing their thang...some research tells me that the...

Aloe Vera Plant (Has healing/medicinal properties)

Mother-in-law Tongue

Spider Plant (already have this in my office/actually I have two)

Ficus (not to sure about this one, it depends on if it appeals to me esthetically)

...are good candidates for low maintenance options. We'll see, i also want to get a couple of good looking pedalstal plant stands to display them on.


  1. I don't know much about the plants but I like the two plants you hv displayed particularly the colourful one.I am glad you hv varied interests.We hv varieties of crotons in our garden and they are a delight to watch when there is a drizzle.
    What is the link for the clock on yr blog.I wld love to hv it on my blog

  2. Hi Rhapsody,
    Lovely plants, shame you did not have photos of the other plant like the mother inlaws tongue.

  3. OOOOoooo!! Maybe you can help me with a plant question! I have an aloe plant that is driving me crazy. I call it the Octomom (fair or not..I do!) because all it does is make babies but it won't GROW.

    Help meeee....LOL. What am I doing wrong?

  4. I am known as the lady who kills any plant inside the house so I am not one to give plant advice. LOL Looks like you are doing a great job with yours. I have never seen a Coleus plant grown indoors, only outdoors where they grow huge and have lots of blooms.

  5. Hi Greetings:)

    Lovely low maintenance plants. I am also not an expert in plants. But I have some flowering plants on the widow sill of the kitchen. I have to water them and prune them on a regular basis. I water them when I brush my teeth. It just takes about three minutes. I get immense satisfaction in seeing flowers bloom on the plants.Sometimes some plants don't flower and therefore I remove them and put them somewhere else where I don't have to see them every day.

    Best wishes:)

  6. I've had 2 of the Pothos the years and each one lasted 20+ yrs. ('Bout the only one that survives on its own.)

  7. Hey, Rhapsody!
    You're amazing! I'm a plant killer :-( The last time I killed a plant it wasn't even by accident - I put it outside in the cold because I wanted didn't want it any longer. Black hands, I believe ;-)
    By the way, that "mother-in-law-tongue" - it's got exactly the same name in Norwegian - "svigermors tunge"! Strange...

  8. Hi Rhapsody,
    Thanks for the picytures of the other plants, the lash looks good.
    Miss seeing them around.

  9. Your plants are beautiful. I love plants unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to own one for as long as you have. The longest I've ever had one was five years. I'm always moving across the country or across the world.


  10. Hi Rhapsody,
    You must takecare of your plants very well:-)
    A purple color's plants name is Coleus.
    In end changing color to green color.
    we have in around the Christmas time and we used for as Christmas present:-)
    Be back......

  11. Beautiful collection of plants... Please also try to grow the holy Basil plant... Besides being holy, it also ahs medicinal value and when eaten, cures one of many common ailments..

  12. Funny how we can only leave short comments on Windows Live Spaces…Geesh! You’re love definitely shines through your house plants. We have finally received significant rainfall here in our neck of the woods. This was after over 50 days of above 90 degree temps. I am excited for the fall season and harvest color. You have a very pleasant weekend…Greg God bless you!


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