Aug 7, 2010

12 My Plants & Me

I sat last night watching my plants and maveling at their growth. This Pothos plant is my first one to outlive all plants. It was given to me by a friend about 19+ years ago. To look at it one wouldn't think it was that old but it is. It is a very low maintenance plant, just needs water once a week, some food maybe once every month or once every two months . My kind of plant really, independent as heck and ask for very little except the occasional sustenance. This is my beautiful Coleus Plant below I bought it last year because frankly it was stunning. Of course it doesn't look quite the same. When I brought it home it was well shaped and rounded and I am afraid under my unskilled hand it simply blooms as it damn well pleases. Never the less it is still beautiful, i even got a wonderful surprise of flowers. I had no idea that they sprouted flowers, little purple ones. The only drawback with this plant is that it needs loads of attention, water twice a week, plus it sheds it leaves so there is always clean up to be done but i abide with it as its color lightens me. I am on the hunt for a couple of other low maintenance independent plants that don't mind just doing their thang...some research tells me that the...

Aloe Vera Plant (Has healing/medicinal properties)

Mother-in-law Tongue

Spider Plant (already have this in my office/actually I have two)

Ficus (not to sure about this one, it depends on if it appeals to me esthetically)

...are good candidates for low maintenance options. We'll see, i also want to get a couple of good looking pedalstal plant stands to display them on.
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