Jul 11, 2010

5 Rainy Friday & Me

Friday I got up to the sound of rain hitting gently against my window. Stretching I send my praises to the Divine for another day and peer outside from my bed and sure enough it was pouring, not a gentle patter but a steady drenching down pour. I figured the time it would take me to shower and get ready for work the rain would have subsided a little long enough for me to get to the bus stop, no such luck. The rain kept up its steady pace and I had no other choice but to walk through it. I put on my rain cap-the only shield pitiful as it was and sprinted to the bus stop. I managed to reach to work on time dispite the delays along the way.
Looking out my colleagues office window I take a look and some pictures as the day turns cloudy and grey. Through it all I see beauty in as everything gets a good washing and looks shiny spanking new. Delighted that the rain would ease the oppressive sweltering heat of the pass few days I work through my morning maintain a neat desk as I prepare to leave at 1pm for my appointment with my sister. I didn't leave the office till 1:30 pm and I was rushing to the elevator as my cellphone rings signalling my sister's impatience at having to wait for me.

I made a mad dash to the elevator, boarded and stood there waiting expectatly for its decend, nothing..., I begin to wonder, 'Oh Lord, is the elevator stuck?' I took a deep breath, told myself to not panick and looked at the panel, noting was lite, the maching is awaiting my instructions via pushing the button! I didn't push the ground floor lobby...duh! I just laughted at myself as the door opened and a couple of my colleagues boarded and we decended to the lobby.

It was still raining and the afternoon seemed more like 6 pm due to the cloudiness. I jumped into my sister's van and off we went to our appointment, catching up on our day and week we laughed, talked as I visually recorded with my camera the cloudy evening.

Photos by D.S.B.Rhapsody
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