Jun 27, 2010

4 Analyze This - Imagine

I imagined You
I imagined Me

Tied together in a rapturous destiny
Caught unprepared
I faltered
As the reality of You
Eclipse the imaginary


Photo by D.S.B.Rhapsody


  1. Exellent.I could think of one such situation where the reality could far outstrip our little imagination.I have no experience of such divine manifestation.Rhapsody would do well to let us know her insight

  2. Hi Rhapsody! Glad you came by yesterday! Nice post... I love the picture!

    To answer your question: The post you commented on was 1) providing information and 2) giving some linky love for some companies and bloggers I appreciate. The post under that one was similar to this... shots of the sky to participate in a weekly meme. Below that a short paid post and under that an entire post about my daughter's 19th birthday celebration.

    You should find that just about every other post is personal. To me, the post about the event was personal because I really enjoyed myself and it is definitely something that goes on in my world.

    To add to that, my blog is one of the main ways I make my income - that along with other web content writing - and I am trying to grow that along with keeping everyone abreast of this woman's world, which includes everything paid and not. For instance, I entered a contest to win a gift card to FashionPlaytes for my daughter. I won and my daughter totally loved the experience. Sharing that with my readers and giving linky love to the blog where I won and the company is the least I can do for the experience. I give my honest opinions on the products, if it's a review or if it isn't. That's just this woman's world.

    Wow, maybe I should have sent an email. I've taken up the entire comment area. No, I won't block you and I don't mind the bluntness. I just hope you see that what goes on in this woman's world is more than a few lines of a paid post and a deeper realization of how I try to live and experience my life.

  3. Thank you so much for your valuable words of wisdom on my blog and for stopping by! It means a lot. I'm hanging in there and have started my own Virtual Assistant website. I'm excited that somehow, I will make it because of the gifts that I've been blessed with.

  4. Hi Rhapsody,
    Thank you for sent me Email which I really enjoyed
    listen the songs.
    I loved KAI HO NAA HO too.
    This place is beautiful I 'll come back again.
    Have a great weekend,


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