Jul 21, 2010

11 She Sits & She Waits

She sits
She waits
She anticipates
Her hopes held high
Her imagination in the sky
She sits
She waits
Till late
Pass the midnight hour
She wrings her hands
Hour after hour
She sits
She waits
Pushing away bouts of melancholy
Singing she pushes away the gloom
Refusing to give in to the feeling of doom

She sits and waits
And anticipates
As the wee hours of the morn creeps in
She remains
Praying he is coming
It seems she is always waiting
Anxiously awaiting
Tempering the feeling of foreboding
She sits
She waits
Friends pass her by
They inquire
“Girl what you doing her this hour?”
She laughs
She talks
She covers
She lies
She denies

In the quiet of the night

In the fading light
She wonders how she can make things right
How she can make him see her
Love her right
Hope dims
No sign of him
No word
No call
She sits
She waits
Refusing to give in
To walk away
She remains…

She sits
She waits
Thinking of what could be
Unable to see
She fashions him her destiny
Gives him her every penny
Her family now the enemy

She sits

She waits
Till mid morn
Hoping against hope
He’ll appear before dawn
He appears
Unwilling to appease
Offers no explanation
No apologies
He knew she will wait
He did as he pleased
Coming in his own time
Long after he indulged his canal appetites
He was not concerned about making things right
He knew she will be there
He knew she will wait
Her life is tied to him

It’s just faith

He’s captured her heart
Imprisoned her mind
Entitled himself to her will
To her time
In his world all is fine
He can have her

She rises
Smiles away her discontent
Swallow up her right to vent
Puts away her self-esteem
Covers up
Her insides bleed
She loves a love for both of them
She hopes her love will win his heart
And they’ll live forever
Never apart
She puts his worth above her own
She simply did not want to be alone

Drawings by Aya.S.
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