Jun 22, 2010


Ever felt so hot and muggy that when a cool breeze hits your skin it feels like a soothing caress of a lovers touch that you never want to end? Well this is an homage to that kind of breeze written on a feverishly sweltering morning after church.

My friends always laugh at me when I stop suddenly mid-sentence interrupting whatever is happening and sigh delightfully saying “oooh feel that sexy breeze, ooh I love me some sexy breeze”. Well Sunday was such a day for me. I went to the 10:30 am mass. It was my first time attending this church in my area. To my surprise I found that there was a very large congregation of people that lined up against the walls, out in the halls, along the sides. There was a dynamic diversity of peoples it was staggeringly fabulous as the congregation was made up of every ethnicity you can imagine (Asians, Philippinos, South Asians, Africans from different parts of the continent, Afro-Caribbean’s and Indo-Caribbean’s from all parts of the West Indies, Caucasians etc,). The choir is a children choir that range in children of all ages robed in red. They didn’t sound too bad, aside for the little off tone every once in a while they sounded ok.

I unusually attend Church where I last lived in downtown Toronto where I sang in the choir but opted to attend this one since it is closer to home, walking distance. Mass finished at 11:30 am, I took some photos of the station of the cross and a few other interesting artistic spiritual renderings. I took my bread (a custom for the church to give out bread at the end of mass to the congregation) and headed out the side door to leave but was sidetracked by this wonderfully sexy breeze. When that gentle wind caressed my skin I thought ‘heavenly father thank you, I need a mattress right here so I can relish, bask and sleep and soak up some of this luscious sexy breeze, have mercy’.

No longer in a hurry to go home since I have no air conditioner I found a nice spot in the shade at the side of the church on the cobble stone beside a row of trees and just relaxed fighting the temptation to just spread out and lay there like a bump on a log. I was too self-aware and self-conscious to do so fearing that somebody will mistake me for a homeless wonderer loitering the premises and call security to have me physically removed. So I settled for sitting, removing my slippers and playing with the grass with my toes enjoying the breeze and taking pictures of the trees. I stay there for an 1½ hours just basking.


I sat beneath the trees
Enjoying the breeze
Enveloped by its embrace
I am mesmerized
As it glides along my skin
Hypnotized by its soothing caress
Alleviating all stress
Leaving no room for misery
As I sat beneath the trees
No woes
No worries
As I sat
Admiring the trees
The sexy

Photo & Poetry by D.S.B.Rhapsody©2010/2011

I wish I was able to bottle the breeze so you can experience its caress but alas I could not the only thing I was able to capture were the trees and wrap the feeling poetically so you can feel what I felt. Peace, look out for those sexy breeze now, and remember, enjoy!

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