Jun 13, 2010

20 Admiring the Trees

Trees seems to have personalities, I say seem because I don't really know for sure. We, i.e. human beings have personalities, we are living things so why can't trees? They are after all living things as well. I just think it’s fascinating how their branches spread in an array of directions seemingly to do so almost conversationally, telling a story. They are very interesting to watch and analyze the possibility of every conversation of course my interpretation is entirely subjective to my own way of thinking, seeing and feeling. Have a look at the photos I took yesterday on my stroll what is your take on what you see? Do you hear any conversations? Or is it ordinary?

It was quite foggy out yesterday on my trek to Walmart, it rain tenderly. Yes I did say tenderly, haven't you heard of rain discribed such a way before? It is when you can feel the rain just lightly dust your skin like a caress, you dont need an umbrella nor do you need to run for shelter. You just walk side by side with the rain, it doing its thing and you doing yours - balance you know. Anywho when I first arrived at walmart I took this first photo of this electrical railing at least that's what I think it is and then when I left I took another picture of the same structure, what a difference an hour made, parts of structure had dissappeared into the fog. Fasinating thing fog, it just went about hiding parts of building and signs making visibility challenging. I simply took my cue from the fog and headed home.

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