Jan 3, 2010

9 Back To Tradition

Christmas 2009 I did something I hadn't done in years. I went back to tradition did a lot of baking. I baked the old traditional cakes (black fruit cake/sponge cakes) in addition to breads, sweet breads and a not so traditional rather much by request chocolate cake. I had the fruits for the black cake soaking for over 2 years in wine, yes I said 2 years and no it wasn't spoilt or rancid in fact it was perfect and infused with the wine.
My baking yeiled:
  • Black fruit cakes
  • Sponge Cakes
  • Chocolate Cakes
  • The Breads - which were a combination of flaxseed+whole-wheat+oats with teff/soy/five roses/durum flour one set with raisins, currants and dried blueberry and almonds one set without. They were fabulous and packed with vitamins and no preservatives.
My family were surprised when I made our traditional black fruit cakes because they assumed I couldn't make it simply because I didn't, though many attempt to make this cake not all taste are palatable in fact some are down right nasty. I haven't made the cake for many years partly because it reminded me of my grandmother that passed some years ago however this year I decided I would take a step back into tradition make it and they were absolutely fabulous. My mother kept eathing it and saying "My God, I didn't know you could bake this cake, it is so good, hmmmmm...from now on you will be making this cake, mmmmm".

There was also our traditional homemade drinks, Sorrel, Gingerbeer, Punch-a-creme and Mauby. All the variety tastes was simply a heavenly slice of home (Trinidad, Island in the Caribbean Sea).
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