Jan 3, 2010

9 Back To Tradition

Christmas 2009 I did something I hadn't done in years. I went back to tradition did a lot of baking. I baked the old traditional cakes (black fruit cake/sponge cakes) in addition to breads, sweet breads and a not so traditional rather much by request chocolate cake. I had the fruits for the black cake soaking for over 2 years in wine, yes I said 2 years and no it wasn't spoilt or rancid in fact it was perfect and infused with the wine.
My baking yeiled:
  • Black fruit cakes
  • Sponge Cakes
  • Chocolate Cakes
  • The Breads - which were a combination of flaxseed+whole-wheat+oats with teff/soy/five roses/durum flour one set with raisins, currants and dried blueberry and almonds one set without. They were fabulous and packed with vitamins and no preservatives.
My family were surprised when I made our traditional black fruit cakes because they assumed I couldn't make it simply because I didn't, though many attempt to make this cake not all taste are palatable in fact some are down right nasty. I haven't made the cake for many years partly because it reminded me of my grandmother that passed some years ago however this year I decided I would take a step back into tradition make it and they were absolutely fabulous. My mother kept eathing it and saying "My God, I didn't know you could bake this cake, it is so good, hmmmmm...from now on you will be making this cake, mmmmm".

There was also our traditional homemade drinks, Sorrel, Gingerbeer, Punch-a-creme and Mauby. All the variety tastes was simply a heavenly slice of home (Trinidad, Island in the Caribbean Sea).


  1. I think I gained about 5 lbs during the holidays. If I'd been around your house I guess I might have gained more like 10 or 15. Sounds like some great stuff.

  2. The black fruit cake sounds so tasty! I can bake but mine is basic at the best.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi DSB:)

    I am amazed at your profile photo. Two shiny eyes closely watching me:)Perhaps this is the fist step to removal of the purdah, the veil that Muslim women wear.

    I am thrilled to note that you have gone back to tradition and made wonderful,delicious cakes. If your mother enjoyed it means the cake must have been really good. Please send a piece to me. I will be delighted:)

    This new year I also broke the habit of sitting in front of the TV and watching entertainment programs. I went to the midnight mass and celebreated the New Year with prayers, ringing bells, fire crackers and eating a laddu in the church-and Indian sweet- along with other parishners.

    While the mass was going on, I could hear revellers shouting, dancing and singing in drunken stupor.

    I suppose we celebrate new year in different ways. But I was glad that I went to the church for a change and started the new year with God's blessings.

    Wish you everything in abundance-HEALTH, HAPPINESS,SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY.

  4. Hi Rhapsoddy,
    Your Trini Christmas sounds perfect, lwish I could come by for a slice of black cake and a glass of puncha crema.
    Kee[ wa rm amd happy.
    ps did you soak the fruit in wine? I thought it was rum for the dark colour.

  5. I'm one such a Cake-lover. I'm a special fan of Fruit Cakes and you are making me drool now...Hey are you a native of West Indies? I didn't know that. You know,its a country I adore pretty good,ofcourse,only next to my mother country(India). Have a Nice Day....

  6. A mouth watering post.How I wish I could partake of some of the cakes and breads that you had made. Sorry for not visiting your blog for long

  7. thanx for visit, happy 2010!
    Ciao, Luis

  8. Hi Rhapsody,
    Please come by my blog and pick up your awards.

  9. Sounds brilliant. I can't imagine beginning any recipe two years before! But to bring those traditions back, well, you saw the payoff.

    (I lived with a beautiful family once from Trinadad. They were transplanted in St. Vincent and The Grenadines and that is where I stayed with them. It was a wonderful time.)



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