Dec 28, 2009

6 We Are The Same As We are Different

“Housed within all our diversity as human beings is the common desire and goal to be loved, accepted, understood, respected, honored, and earn our God given right to make a decent standard of living by which to house, feed, cloth, educate and attend to our health and that of our families; making us not as different as we think”.


  1. These are your words? These?

    They are mighty fine and strong words, words with which to build around.


  2. Very strong and pertinent words indeed. Thanks for sharing B. Happy holidays and a greater new year in advance.

  3. Hi DSB:)

    Amazing quote. You have laid it down in black and white or should I say in white and yellow the thoughts,dreams, aspirations, ambitions, pursuits, purpose, desire and aim of all human beings living all over the planet.

    But how many match these aspirations and desire is something to be thought about. How many fall short of this aim is the moot point. We all fall short in many respects. But these ideals are always worth pursuing. Because happiness lies in the pursuit and not in achievement. As long as we have desires to be fulfilled we strive and in striving we find happiness, thrill, satisfaction, joy and peace.

    In the ultimate analysis we want peace and happiness and a feeling that we have lived a good, purposeful life pleasing to our God Almighty.

    Wishing all happiness, prosperity and success in the Neew Year 2010.

  4. Hello Rhapsody,

    Amazing!!! I agree with u that everyone will have this aim or desire in their life. But how many people really strive and work hard inorder for themselves to be loved and respected,which indeed is an Ideal goal. Frankly-speaking most of the people live a pessimistic life at one time or the other in their life as I do sometimes.I found myself to be more happy when I strive hard for a goal. Whenever I give it up and lead a pessimistic life,my mind becomes filled with a stuff of negative thoughts and Dissatisfaction.So,I want to have as much big aim as possible this New Year with a hope that Happiness is proportionate to the degree of our hard work and Dedication.Hope this New Year brings lots and lots of Happiness,Success,Peace, and Health to u and ur family members.Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010.

  5. Beautiful quote! Thanks for swinging by my blog!Hope to see you again!


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