Jan 9, 2010

19 Thinking about my cous/Stationed in Afghanistan

She’s a medic, a few years back she was sent to Iraq and we were all on pins and needles worried about what it would be like for her there, would she come back animatedly vertical and not silently horizontal, what would she be like when she did come back and would the impact of living in a state of war irrevocably alter the dynamic phenomenal-ness of her personality. She came back and we were all overjoyed and though we (at least me) didn’t mention it to her we all watch closely for changes in her personality. We are fairly close and I think I know her well enough to detect any red flags in terms of any major character changes. While I am not naive enough to think that no changes occurred as a result of experiencing war she is for the most part the same cous I know.

She spent the Christmas with us this year (2009); it was fun to see her after about 3 years. The endless ribbing and banter started with the fried turkey she brought to Christmas dinner and escalate to every imaginable subject ending on her departure to the US. We talked once she reached home and discussed the few preparations needed to take care of including getting her hair braided before she flew out to Afghanistan.


This, the first week of the New Year (2010) will see her in a country in southwest central Asia (Afghanistan). Am I worried? Yeah I am, there is little I can do except pray continuously that she is not only safe and able to perform her duties efficiently and adequately but that she returns home in tact physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

I finally heard from my cous, thought I’d keep you posted by allowing to read a little below. I have separated by country as we have a tendency to address each other the same (cous), so the country would be the distinction to let you know who is talking.

Toronto - January 22, 2010 3:36 pm

From Me to My Cous…

Hey Cous,

How are you girl? I was thinking of you, hope all is well considering. Keep your head up and remember you are loved.

Afghanistan January 23, 2010 9:53:43 AM

From my Cous to Me…


I am doing fine all things considered.  I am not busy and that is good in my profession when I start getting busy we need to worry.  How is school?  Did you start the class already?   Girl, just keep praying for us.


To all my blog friends and beyond let us keep that circle of prayer going for our troops. Even drop a little prayer here. Peace and blessings and thank you for your time and the spirit in which you have shared it.

Here’s to you cous…Smooches...
Much love, you are in my thoughts, my mind, my heart…
Love yah!

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