Nov 22, 2009

9 Life Is Good

Life is good
Life is sane
Life sometimes borders on the mundane
Some days feels like rain
Some days all you see is pain
To lift your head is a drain
Then the sun shines again
You forget the pain
You don’t mind the rain
You find pleasure in the mundane
Recognize the beauty in the ordinary
The routine makes you feel extraordinary
Then you understand
The plain is the foreground for the colors of the journey
It goes hand in hand
The ordinary and extraordinary
The monotony and diversity
The disappointments and triumphs
It all comes together
One with the other
Encapsulating life
Life is…
What it is…
It’s what you think it is
It’s what you feel it is
It is …
What you determine it to be
Whatever that is….
Life is….



  1. Great write-up, we make of life what we want. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I always enjoy a poem. The urge to write a poem is always a good one to me, because it means that person is going to get a little more lyrical, sort of a happy thing, creation.

  3. Good one!! u really cooked up Life it indeed what u make of it!!

  4. Hi DSB:)


    Your description of life in its various colors, ups and downs, happiness and unhappiness, good times and bad times makes a very deligtful reading.

    I agree with you that life is what you make of it, what you think and what you feel.If a person feels happy in an unhappy time , it requires tremendous dexterity and flexibility in that persons mind.

    Life is a journey and we have to go through a range of emotions, experiences, obstacles, adventures etc. Life is a brief candle and therefore it is our responsibility to make it as happy as possible instead of letting external conditions and circumstance influence it.

    You are an amazing writer both in prose and poetry.

    Have a wonderful day DSB:)

  5. Extraordinarily beautiful composition.Very well versed.


  6. Excellent poem it is!!! I'm very happy having visited your cute blog after a long gap. And I'm compelled to blogroll you,Rhapsody. Have a Great Weekend......

  7. I enjoyed the poem and I also enjoyed reading about the cakes and breads you made, going back to tradition. I have made fruitcake that you soaked in brandy, but not often! It does take energy to do these things. And to follow the urge to write a poem! Thank you.


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