Nov 4, 2009


  • Ask, do not assume
  • Agree to disagree
  • Be open to suggestions and other perspectives
  • Be proactive instead of reactive
  • Be the change you want in the world
  • Be willing to be unpopular by standing up for what is right
  • Be willing to be wrong
  • Do more, talk less
  • Do not allow yourself to be swayed into saying yes if you know you cannot deliver
  • Do not be a platform for gossipers
  • Understand the who, what, when, where, and why in there proper context before running with hear say/rumors believing it to be truth.
  • Go against the grain and do the unexpected
  • Know and understand your intent before you speak
  • Listen instead of taking over the conversation
  • Listen to what is being said and NOT what you want to hear
  • Mean what you say
  • Be able to say "I am sorry" when warranted
  • Pause and think before you criticize
  • Say what you mean
  • When unsure ask for clarification, meaning and intent.
  • Try not to respond when deliberately goaded, sometimes the best response is no response


  • Assumptions are not facts
  • Perception can be a deceptive
  • Potential is merely hypnosis of what could be until you are actually doing it
  • Acceptance does not mean you are liked
  • Tolerance does not mean you are favored
  • No is not a bad word
  • Being different is sometimes a blessing
  • The rich, famous, affluent and privileged shit stinks just like yours and they will die and decay like everybody else. (Meaning no matter the station or situation in life we are all subject to this same human reality)


  1. Hey, it's been a while? How have you been?

    I usually come over to listen to your playlist and always checked for new posts. I love your round up and agree with all the points. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful list..I agree with it implicitly.

  3. Hi DSB Greetings:)

    Wonderful words to become wonderful human beings and fantastic success in life. These words of wisdom must be read at least once a day to become a second nature to us. How amazing the world would be if every one thinks on these lines and modifies their lives accordingly.

    But some how the last one about rich and famous sounded a bit discordant to all that you have written. I personally feel there is nothing wrong in becoming rich and famous and all of us should strive hard to become some one well known, influential and wealthy. After all most things can be obtained by such people and, if they are kind and generous, they can also do a lot of things to make other poor people's lives a bit easy and reduce the sufferings of the humanity at large. The blood color of the rich and famous is the same as any other human being but it must be appreciated that they are successful people. They used the God given talents to rise above the common people. Perhaps a lot can be written on this but I don't want to go off at a tangent.

    Have a wonderful day DSB:)

  4. Each one of the sentences is worth its weight in gold.An amazing list.Thank you immensely

  5. Amicable discussion is what I am always striving for and I think you have got the way to do it down very well. Sometimes we have to learn some of these the hard way, but if we want our labors to discuss to bear fruit we will heed them.

  6. I love your round up and agree with all the points. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Thanks for all these wise words, I better write it down as a reminder.Bless you my dear friend :)

  8. Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time unless off course they jump into them :-).

  9. True, true, true – I love these. Very good principles to go by.Hope you had a great weekend!

  10. hello preciosa, its interesting to read those points. The last one is very funny. Let me share also beautiful words from Dalai Rama that I love.Silence is sometimes the best answer.Not getting what we want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.The best relationship is the one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.Stay blessed.Di.

  11. Hi my friend. Thank you for these wise thoughts always in your blogs. You give me a lot of new energy. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts with me and others. Be blessed. Have a sunny week.Karin

  12. A nice list indeed that can help one take the right path!

  13. These words are very help for ourlives young or an old age and some words were my mum told me when I was younger agelol!Have a great weekend!

  14. Really good stuff here. I especially liked the last line. LOL


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