Jul 3, 2009

16 My Office Plants & A Small Find

In my office I have 3 plants, 2 spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) and 1 money tree plant (Pachira aquatica).

This is one of my spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum). It is native to Africa. It is one of the hardest plants to kill; it is the ultimate survivor! It flowers from time to time and develop little spider baby plants onto it that can be cut off to create new plants by placing in water until it roots then transplanted into fertilized soil. These plants is best suited for people with busy lifestyles as it does not need a lot of attention and strive best in indirect light (somewhat dark area) and needs little watering (once a week) and a bit fertilizer every once in a while (3/4 months). Too much light and water can kill this plant. I’ve been thinking about a spot to move my other spider plant as it is much bigger and sits in the window of my office, it gets an over exposure of light, but where to put it, I do not know. There is a funny story about this plant that sits here. I share my office with my colleague and where the plant faces her it is scant and almost dying. When i turn the dying part toward me, it is revived and begins to bloom again and the blooming area which i turned toward her begins to fade. I ask her "what are you doing to the plant" she says, "I don't know it doesn't like me". So I have to keep turning it. Soon I will have to move it from this spot as it is getting too big.

This is my money tree plant (Pachira aquatica), native to South America. It was a gift from a friend. She surprised me with it sometime around the ending of May beginning of June I can’t quite remember. When she presented it to me it had about four branches. Now its blossoming quite well. The money tree is said to bring good luck and fortune. Now if my finances bloomed as lovingly as this plant I’ll be a more joyful and contented woman. I am looking for some more independent plants that I don’t always have to give constant attention to that will be happy to sprout and bloom on their own with periodic wettings and fertilizer. Any ideas or suggestions?

Find for the day:

Today I found 2 loonies ($4.00), two Canadian $2 coins. I was sitting on the train on my way home from work eating a meat pattie and softly humming to myself. On the opposite, a little to
the right sat a tall slender dark skinned gentleman mid/late thirties with short curly hair and a goatee. he sat quietly checking periodically for his stop. His lips moved once in a while as if he were having a conversation with himself. He could have been praying because I often see people praying, some with rosaries other with the bible or the Koran. Suddenly he jumped up when the train reached Broadview and loose change fell out of his pocket, where the first one rolled I wasn’t sure however the other rolled crossing the isle and passed me and landed somewhere to my left. I pointed in the direction where I think the coin may have rolled to the gentleman. He stopped, looked at me as if I had sprung three heads, looked at the door as it opened, uttered something to himself, threw up his hands and exited the door. I finished my patty and looked around to see where the coins may have landed. I couldn’t find it and I had to get up and move away from my seat in order to get a better look and sure enough there it was the loonie ($2 coin), I picked it up and put it in my bag. As I sat continuing my ride I remembered hearing more than one coin dropped so I looked to where the man was sitting, nothing, then I looked under the seat directly in front of where he sat there it was another loonie. I retrieved it. I found $4.00.
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