Jun 26, 2009

2 Heritage Property On Spadina

University of Toronto Heritage Property on 1 Spadina Cresent in Toronto. (Major Intersection: Spadina & College)
Built in 1875 this property has had many identities.
(1) Knox College – School of Theology,
(2) Connaught Medical Research Laboratories,
(3) Spadina Military Hospital during the First World War,
(4) Center that development and manufacture pharmaceuticals In 1943,
(5) the Fine Art in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
Purchased by the University of Toronto in 1972, the heritage property remains part of the university.


  1. Thanks.There is a castle like building in sprawling grounds in Toronto with its horse stable led through dark tunnel like passage ways and the tower at the top.I forget the name. Some hazy memory.Would be thankful if you can write about it with lots of pics

  2. Hi:)


    This is a fantastic photo. The building is very beautiful and I am sure it will provide the students the right kind of atmosphere to study. But if it is a heritage monument with such a fantastic history will the students be allowed to walk around and damage the premises?

    The only thing I found missing is the clock on top.

    Have a wonderful day:)


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