Jun 16, 2009

12 Funk (stinky smell) on the streetcar

There are times when there is a bad smell you can/have to bare. If you are on the train there is no escaping it, you simply have to deal. On the bus or streetcar you can open a window (if you are lucky to be seated next to one) and inhale the fresh air. Usually I would stick my nose in my chest and inhale my own scent praying fastidiously for whatever mode of transportation I am on to move more swiftly so I can vacate gloriously into the wonderful fresh air. However some days you are given the opportunity before you are blindsided by some foul odor to choose whether or not you will subject yourself to a little discomfort in order to get to your destination.

One day I was running for the streetcar when this wave of stench hit me with a big wallop that momentarily halted me in my tracks. I was in the middle of the street and had to hurry when I came to the realization of where I was standing. I couldn’t believe it. I kept asking myself ‘where is that smell coming from?’ As I stood waiting for the streetcar just a little way away the smell slapped me again. I bent over and covered my nose searching furiously in my bag for my hand cream, a very potent sweet aromatic smell thinking ‘good Lord’ what is that smell? The streetcar neared and the smell got stronger to my right as a man approached to board. The scent left a bitter vile taste in my mouth. As he made his way in front of me I saw that his clothes was deeply soiled, his pants were falling off his waist and he held it in place with one hand as he stepped onto streetcar packed with people. I was no longer in a hurry to get in the streetcar. I no longer had a desire to get home early to watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I stood rooted in at the stop and allowed the streetcar doors to close leaving me behind. It would be a long wait before the next one came along but I didn’t mind. I felt sorry for all those unsuspecting people packed into the streetcar like sardines locked in for the duration of the ride to the subway station.

I asked God to forgive me for my moment of scorn and thank him for my freedom of choice. I prayed for the man who obviously was disturbed and suffering from mental health issues, that he'd find his way, his center and his balance and I was thankful I did not get on that particular streetcar. I cannot honestly say that I regret the decision because if he was at least 20 people away from me outside in the open air and I could smell him, his scent burning my chest, so much so that I could literally taste the stench. Can you imagine being locked into a small space with him? I could which is why I chose not to board.
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