Jun 8, 2009

9 Pet peeves – Just a few

Now while I am perfectly imperfect, flawed and prone to the occasional episode of unflattering bad habits which I opt to practice in private there are just some things everyone could attempt to adhere to and not purposely subject others. Things such as the deliberate act of not covering ones mouth, chewing with the mouth open and failure to consider the impact actions deemed harmless (by the offending individual) may have on those in your immediate surroundings.

  • Yawning – I have no desire to see the insides of your mouths, some of which are grotesque. Please its a small distance from your hand to your mouth. Do us all a favor, cover it.

  • Sneezing – Keep your mucus discharge to yourself reciprocity in the gifting of germs is unnecessary.

  • Coughing – while I sympathize with your plight of fighting a nasty cough my empathy only goes so far and does not include contracting what you have

  • Chewing with the mouth open – apart from sounding like a pig with the incessant snap, snap, snap, snap minus the snorting, viewing your chewed food in an array of soggy slop in your mouth is disgusting and unattractive, for God sake close your damn mouths.

  • Flicking, shaking out, combing and scratching the hair - someone maybe sitting directly behind. It is unsanitary and in considerate in a crowded public place. The human hair like the skin is always shedding and having your hair land on my chest or lay in my lap is not my way of breaking the ice. I'd much prefer you turned around and introduce yourself and we could engage in a mutual conversation.

  • Hand washing – please wash your hands before you exit the bathroom, it takes less than 30 seconds and I promise you, your hands will not fall off or burst into flames. I have no yearning to pick up what you removed from your nether regions and placed on the door by virtue of holding it to open so you could leave.

  • Food curiosity –if what I am eating looks interesting, ask, do not put your face in my food or point your finger in it before I have a chance to respond all so you can satisfy your curiosity. There is a reason curiosity killed the cat.

  • Smokers - Yes you are outside in public, a wide open space but please bare in mind you are still surrounded by people and you can consider the direction the wind is blowing. There is nothing sexy about eating a face full of smoke because you unknowingly stand behind someone who is smoking and Eau de Smoke Perfume is simply not my scent of choice. I have no problem with you sucking on your cancer stick, all I ask is that you be mindful of others around you when you light up.

  • Picking and flicking - Now you are welcomed to pick your nose all you want but please do not flick your bogger like you sitting in the park on a cool Sunday evening when in reality you are on the train or the bus full of people. No one is standing in line to have dried up snot flicked on their clothes or hair, it is not "avant garde" or "au catture". It is down right disgusting.
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