Jun 6, 2009

7 The Lovely Blog Award

Blessings all, thank you as always for stopping by. I visited a few blogs today on my walk through Bloggersville and the diversity and inspiration was wonderfully rejuvenating. It is in this spirit that am presenting the "LOVELY BLOG AWARD" to five recipients Woman in a Window she reminds us of the value in simple things, Daughters of the Shadow Men - she has a delightful way of addressing life that encourages self-reflection, Scream Quietly Indigo Raven with deep and thoughtful writings, Fun n Inspiration - Dell girl who reminds us of the importance of laughter in our lives, it is said that "laughter is good for the soul" so then we all should laugh some more and Rejected Truth who urges us through her writings to just take life as it comes. All recipients of this award please copy and save your award, the only request is that you pass it on.

Oops! before I forget on your walk through Bloggersville stop by and visit my friends Joseph Pulikotil at Life in Motion who furnished me with my first award and Herrad at Access denied-living with MS who furnished me with my second. Thank you all, smooches.

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