May 17, 2009

1 Toronto, Ontario Old City Hall

Old City Hall built 1899 - Courthouse, 60 Queen St, West
Photo taken from Nathan Phillips Square in front of the New City Hall

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  1. Hi:)


    This lovely building looks stylish and constructed in great style.

    You have admirable skills in photography.

    It is a delight to see all these wonderful landmarks. You are living in a modern city.

    The clock tower looks very cute with that shiny tall building in the background.

    I was thrilled to know that you are from the beautiful island Trinidad. Your description of various food items that you make there made my mouth water. I wonder how you also use words like parotta and dal.

    You are lucky to have lived in scenic Trinidad and now in a modern city. Fantastic!

    Surely, one of these days I will take a closer look at Trinidad, your home place. You gave me an opportunity to know something more about your lovely island.

    Have a wonderful day:)


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