May 21, 2009


Honest Ed's ~opened 1948, (65 years in business)
Located at 581 Bloor St. West, intersection of Bloor & Bathurst
The store takes up the whole block and sells almost everything including a pharmacy, a magazine store, a coffee shop and a liquor store.
The store sign has 23,000 bulbs

Honest Ed's is named after owner Edwin Mirvish (1917 - 2007)


  1. Hi:)

    Good evening!

    This looks like a very fine discount store. It is amazing to note that the store sign has 23,000 bulbs. I wonder how you managed to get this information:) It is a nice place to do your shopping since you can get everything under one roof. Especially working people will find it very convenient. There must be a small coffee shop attached to it.

    But from your photo, I didn't find many cars parked there or many people moving about. I hope this shop is not hit by recession. I was told that in the US many supermarkets are having tough time to survive.

    In India supermarkets are coming up in a big way. Big companies like Reliance and Birla have entered the field since there is a huge revenue in retail sales. Most of the items are sold at a discount due to the fact that they are buying the goods in bulk from the source.

    I am sure you are patronising this shop. Tell me, what did you buy today? :)

    Have a wonderful day:)

  2. Nice picture, it reminds me of the five & dime store downtown when I was growing up. Not quite as colorful though. I'd love to hear of some of your adventures in (picking out a special gift for someone)or near (watching a parade on a corner of the same block, etc) the store...LOL.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments.I have become a follower of yours.I hv seen Eton mall in Toronto and liked it much.

  4. Thank you for your visit, Rhapsody. This looks like an amazing store. I don't know why but it reminds me of the Corn Palace in South Dakota. Maybe it's the size. What fun.

  5. Nice pictures of Toronto. And, I find your clock terrific.

    Best wishes :)


  6. Hi:)


    Your award is ready. Kindly pick it up.

    Have a nice day:)

  7. What a wonderful and fun piece of history! I also love that they have kept the original name. I hope they always will!


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