May 2, 2009

7 Admiring The Clouds

Ever since I was a child I have been fasinated with the clouds and its ever changing shapes, shades, depth, color and what I like to designate detailed story telling personality. Perhaps it was my imagination as a child that strategically fashioned all those mirad of patterns and shapes into buildings, castles, horses, birds and whatever else my mind can conjure to explain the shapes my eyes photographed. Perhaps this ability has followed me into adulthood, either way the truth is I love them, clouds that is. They simply are fasinating. Case and point, take a look at this one here, I was just coming out of my building to enter my apartment (April 27, 2009) and was struck by the details and couldn't pass without recording it with my camera.


  1. That is a fabulous picture! I too am fascinated by clouds.

  2. Nice post.I am also fascinated by the clouds.I look for some form or hidden figure in them.The clouds keep changing fast that thy are different from one moment to other.The photo is nice

  3. Good Monday Fab…

    I too am and have always been fascinated by clouds.

    It is in the clouds that dreams will come true and with each day that passes majesty is one day closer.

    Have a fantastic week…Greg

  4. there is a child beneth the hard skin of every child ha?

    and every one likes to do some child-like stuff once a while ...

    you seem to have got a heavenly one i guess! ;-)

  5. I love the photo, it's beautiful! Brings back memories of childhood when we lay on our backs in the grass under clothes lines watching the clouds roll by. I also made-up long involved tales of imaginary creatures, places, and characters living adventurous lives among the clouds.

  6. Those are really fantastic clouds. It shows a lot of power and beauty.

  7. Hi:)

    As children, the clouds always inspire and appear strange and mysterious to us. The shaped of clouds and the color of the sun on the clouds, the rain bearing clouds all made us wonder and imagine about castles, dragons, horses, people, bitds etc. etc.

    I agree with you whole heartedly that clouds always triggers a child's imagination.

    But the beauty is, you still have that wonderful power of imagination and simplicity in you. Most of us, as we grow older, we get involved in so many other activities that we have very little time to take a look at the clouds and admire with the eyes of a child. You still have that amazing gift which is very rare in grown ups.

    Have a nice day:)


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