May 9, 2009

4 Toronto's Modern Architecture in the Entertainment District - King Street West

Buildings on King Street opposite the Princess of Wales Theatre
Between Simcoe & Peter

The Princess of Wales Theatre - 284 King St., West

Roy Thompson Hall-60 Simcoe St (King & Simcoe)

Roy Thompson Hall at night

New building in construction on King & Simcoe


  1. Hi:)


    Wonders never cease. From Kochi you brought me to Toronto. I can't believe my eyes. Let me pinch myself and see. OUCH! I am indeed in Toronto!

    I am seeing fascinating places in Toronto. You place is very beautiful and magical. Lovely photos very skillfully captured. I am delighted to see SOUND OF MUSIC is still playing.

    You have some very good songs. I enjoyed it.

    I don't feel like going back to Kochi. But I can't stay here because I don't have a visa.

    Wish you a bright and beautiful day:)

  2. Hi:)

    Good morning:)

    I checked up on your photos and I am thrilled. You have a priceless treasure. They are gorgeous! A visual treat.

    You have exceptional talent, skill and expertise.

    Many, many thanks.

    Best wishes:)

  3. how one wishes the heart of people grew in love and generocity like these huge towers!!


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