Jan 29, 2024

2 $3:30 cents

Riding public transit can be a trip in more ways than the obvious. On my first leg of my commute into the downtown core, came the first observation. Passengers filed in the bus their presto card at the ready to put in front the machine so it can deduct the fees. Students under 12 free, students 13 and up $2.75, adults $3.30. As a gentleman press his card, the machine made a wonky song, meaning no funds. You could see the shock registered on his face. He tried again with the same results. He pull out his phone to show his electronic receipt show proof that he loaded the card. His distress obvious. The driver was saying something to him and he kept showing her his confirmation receipt ๐Ÿงพ, proof of payment. She continued going. I was able to capture her, "doesn't matter how much you loaded, the machine says you have nothing. I couldn't take it, I opened my purse ๐Ÿ‘› and retrieved my change purse. I silently counted out $3.30¢, got up, tapped him on the shoulder and gave him the $3.30 to pay. Shamed faced he tried to show me his payment receipt. I said, don't worry about it, it happens. I've been there. He looked at me with such gratitude. As we reached to the subway. He waited for me as I stood in line to off load. He said, thank you so much." I said, "no problem, you have a blessed day," and exited.

I can't stand deliberate humiliation. My God it's only $3.30¢ and the man clearly had proof of payment. There was no need to humiliate and emasculate the man for $3.30, for Christ sake. 

I have experienced this "none sufficient funds" wonky sound at least thrice with the presto transit card system, sometimes there is a delay in the loading of funds to the card even while you have the confirmation receipt. The sad part of this scenario is, the system will automatically deduct the $3.30 once it loads and she knows that. So the reality is he would have paid two fairs, but I don't care, I couldn't vicariously participate in this man's humiliation for $3.30. Seriously, where is the compassion, it's not like he was looking for a free ride!!


  1. May God bless you - in return. You did the right thing to do!


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