Jun 12, 2023


Through the steady rain people briskly made their way into the subway after bailing from the bus. Heads bowed, hurried steps marching, trotting to the descending escalator and into the open doors of the standing train. A couple selected a 3-seater opposite me. He in a beige hoodie, taupe  pants, red and black knapsack, blue masks, she in a Forest Green hoodie, black pants, lack knapsack, blue masks. He took the middle seat 💺, she the corner one to his left. He leaned on her with his knapsack on this lap and closed his eyes. Soon he began to wiggle, move his legs, raise the knapsack 2, 3 times on and off his lap. He seemed to settle but soon he was in the butt wiggle leg/bag movement again. Eventually he could not longer stand it and lifted his knapsack yet still holding it in front of it proceeded to scratch his crotch with an intensity that resembled relief surrender to the consuming itch. Finally he stopped, replaced the knapsack on his lap and resumed his sleep posture. She, occupied by the phone, never noticed. Unfortunately, I did, though I averted my eyes 👀 as much as possible I could still witness the royal scratching in my periphery. Sadly , I can't unsee that which I've seen. I felt like screaming 😱 noooo!! My eyes, eyes!! It simply was too early. Actually, I don't think there would ever be an appropriate time or place to witness such a thing from a human, from the animal kingdom sure, who hasn't seen a dog, cat or lion scratch? But this? mm mm mm, no, too much.


  1. Wow, some people are oblivious to their actions!! i love your title, fire in the balls or balls on fire! next time do it in the privacy of your home buddy. you certainly see a lot while taking public transit. there must be “a better way “.

    Happy rainy Monday!
    i’m home under a blanket reading a book 😊

  2. HeHeHe. You are very observant. Who knows how much pain he was in to scratch in public. That is also part of the body. Would you be offended if he scratched his arm in front of you? Just making it light instead of seriousness.


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