Sep 6, 2021


 🌼 Acceptance

Acceptance does not mean agreeing or agreement.

It does not mean forcing yourself to like, want or desire any given situation, thing or circumstance. 

Acceptance simply means, you accept the things that you cannot change; and respect the boundaries in which those things are housed and bound.

It means, you surrender to that which you have no control and shift yourself accordingly to the reality of what IS.

If that means you walk away, then, you walk away.

If that requires you to be silent, then. you be silent.

If that requires you to do absolutely nothing, then, you do absolutely nothing.

No advise is necessary.

No debate is necessary.

No hate is necessary.

The only necessity is...

You, let it be.

🌼--DSBS Rhapsodyphoenix


  1. Beautiful words to live by! 😊

  2. Dear Rhapsody,
    Thanks for the link to your interesting post.
    For a very long time I have been reflecting on this matter and my personal conviction is that acceptance can be a life-changing experience. It may lead us on a path of self-discovery and consequently transform
    completely our perspective on life, on people and on ourselves.
    It teaches us to be more tolerant and compassionate towards others and to ourselves. Nevertheless we need to be cognizant how the current digital culture relentlessly undermines our sense of self and self-worth.
    Have a nice and rewarding day.

    Your friend,


    1. Blessings dear Edith:

      Enlightening perspective. I must share with you though that I hate that word tolerance. It implies that it's something you have to be forced to go along with. It leaves a bad taste and usually when somebody's tolerating you is because they have no choice, they think that you're beneath them, like shit under your shoe that you turn up your nose at and can't wait to scrape off and fling as far away as humanly possible. I think a more important and much better approach is to see, recognize and understand each other's humanity and to comprehend that while we may speak in different tongues and our approach to things might Vary vastly we all want the same things, we just articulated those very things differently.

      The truth is...Everybody wants to be loved, to be understood, to be accepted, to be treated kindly, to be adored, seen as valuable and worthy, to be able to have a decent standard of living to not have to worry about food, housing or clothing or medication. Nobody wants to be tolerated it implies, non acceptance, inferiority and the very least intolerance. Does that make sense?

    2. Dear friend,
      A profound feedback and I agree with you in principle. However it's important to point out that the 2 values that I mentioned on my previous response (tolerance and compassion) are inextricably interconnected on a continuum. Compassion allows the individuals to bond and feel empathy to others by increasing feelings of closeness and connection. When we
      feel connected we have also a sense of commitment and responsibility towards others and therefore we are in a position that allow us to dismiss prejudices, judgements, stereotypes and any misconceived feelings of superiority and to relate to each other as equals.
      Enjoy a wonderful and restful weekend.


  3. This is good advice indeed. I needed this reminder in these stressful times.

    1. Reminders are always good as we can sometimes get caught up in living and forget some of the lessons built to help us navigate.


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