Jul 27, 2020


We learn in many ways, involuntary being one of those ways, often categorized as, learning by osmosis. 

I dare say that everyday there is something new to learn. However, I think the most impactful learning is by choice, where one refuses to be held in petulant resistance due to disillusionment but rather choose to push through all its constraints and disappointments into self-enlightenment.

My Young Self:
I use to think that people who've endured traumatic hardships were the wisest. I don't know why really. I guess my thinking processes were along the lines of, 'if one suffered great hardships they ought to be lessons attained from the experiencing.' At least I thought they should be. Well, you know the saying about when one assume (Ass-U-Me).

My Older Self:
What I've learnt observationally and in relationships is that suffering does not guarantee learning, nor does it automatically equal wisdom. Truth is, in order for wisdom to bloom, to take root and manifest, it must first have fertile soil in which to germinate. The soil of willing introspection and accountability. The germination comes with the willingness to shift, to invite change, to examine ones self critically without judgement, and to, of ones own free will, take accountability and responsibility for ones personal growth. 

Wisdom comes with action (it does not work otherwise), the action of your incentive participation in ones own growth. Hence, you making the choice to, learn from your mistakes, from your poor judgments/decision making, and from your unwillingness to get out of your own way siphoned from willful stubbornness; thus the lessons that births wisdom propelling you into your own excellence.

Learning is a choice
It's Accountability 
It is the gift, you give yourself

Wisdom is the tool you gain 
by which you can then USE 
to navigate the world

If you choose not to learn, 
you are guaranteeing your own 
pain and suffering.

If you fail to be accountable 
For your words, ACTIONS and behaviour
You are choosing to be right in your wrongness to save FACE 
Thus, creating your own ISOLATION and assuring, you will always feel 
alone and misunderstood. 

Nobody's perfect. 
Perfection is a phantasm to self-delusion
Everybody has to learn in order to grow 
to reach their excellence. 
There is a absolutely no shame in that.


  1. One of your enduring qualities has been a teacher of what you have observed... but only after you have reflected and considered what might be the impact of your words.

    1. Thank you for sharing. There is an African proverb that states: "Those who learn, teach; those who teach, learn." I do my utmost to adhere to that philosophy from a place of humility.


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