Mar 10, 2020


Every time I think I've seen
everything life proves me wrong. A little delirious from hunger I opt to run to the grocery store less than a kilometre away. A quick 4 min walk and I was there making my way to the cheese. I detoured by the loose bulk items to grab a bag. It is there I experienced the horror of poor hygiene practice on display. I was livid. There in front the shelled peanuts stood an elderly Asian woman elbow deep in the shelled peanuts. She was flipping the peanuts, both hands emerged pass her arms to her elbows. She was digging deep and bringing it forward mixing it. I said to her, "what are you doing. Why aren't you using a scope?" As I waited for her response I see some touched her dirty coat. She shoved them back in dusting the dust off back into the bin. I said again, "why are you not using the scoop. Use the scoop, not your hands. Your hands and cloths are dirty." 

"No scoop," she said and continued digging. I grabbed a scoop to the right of her and gave it to her and said,"Use this, this is what it is for, to scoop the amount you need or to mix before you take some. You don't just use your hand. This is why people get sick." She took it and as I walked away I heard the elderly Asian man ask her, "is there another scoop?. Furious I walk away and found management and reported her. 

Ah mean Damn! Some people are just fucking nasty. Think of the unsuspecting shopper who is blissfully ignorant of her dirty hijinks. They will purchase those shelled peanuts unaware that they can be unknowingly exposing their self to illnesses. For fucks sake! In the climate we're in now with the world pandemic of the coronavirus, seriously!

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  1. Reminds me of an encounter at the farmers market last summer. At the cabbage bin, I moved a cabbage on top of the pile to look at the cabbage beneath it. The attendant told me that I couldn't just be touching the cabbages. If I pointed to the one that I wanted, the attendant would be happy to hand it to me. I quickly picked up the cabbage that I had uncovered and moved on down the line. But that was then, I can see why you wouldn't want people handling the cabbages. I still don't want nobody fingering my cabbages neither.

    1. I think we all have to be mindful. People have all kinds of food sensitives and we must all exercise extra care.

  2. Such an unfortunate situation and one that sadly happens all around the world. I pray that people continue to be more mindful of sanitary practices every single day. Hugs, RO

  3. Hope you're doing well! Hugs, RO

  4. Yikes. And in this moment and time in the world. Not a good look!

  5. That is darn awful! I'm glad you reported her! I just heard about some woman coughing over all the food in a grocery store. They had to toss $35,000 worth of food out. I don't think she was sane.


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