Dec 20, 2018


Lord have mercy.
I had my first mammogram.
Oh Jesus of Nazareth, there has to be a better way. Though the woman tried to be "gentle". I say "gentle" is wide open to interpretation. She held my breast like a slab of beef and plopped it down, then she proceeded to pull, shove, stuff and press the holy hell out of my breast. 

Why do women have to suffer for health? By the time I was finished my mammogram I felt like I was lifting weights in the gym for 2 hours. My chest hurt. My underarms ache. I was just wiped out. The experience was just traumatic.

Photo Credit: Breast image found online on Google.


  1. Ugh...still it's good that you did it!

  2. Aww. So sorry about your ordeal. I heard that it's a very painful process. I'm so not looking forward to it when I add some few more years to my life.

    Sorry once again

    1. You would think with all the advancement in medicine and technology that they can come up with a least torturous way.

  3. I definitely feel your pain, and it sure is uncomfortable and sucks, but I'm super glad that you got it done and hope you continue to do it annually. Sending HUGE hugs your way! RO

  4. Blessings and thank you for the encouragement. It was indeed uncomfortable to the 9th degree

  5. Good for you, you did it! Not much more I can say, this is too too painful to think about. I have tears falling like rain when I get mine.

    1. Well, I had to go back and I must say this experience was much better. I think it comes down to who is down doing it. It was uncomfortable indeed however it wasn't the breast crusher I had the first time!


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