Sep 13, 2018


I boarded the bus to the subway. Directly behind me was an Afro-Caribbean gentleman around his late forties early fifties. I moved out of the way so he cloud pass as I fumbled for my pass in the top flap of my bag. He politely waited. I held up my pass for the driver to inspect and moved in the bus and sat down.

The gentleman who stood behind me sat down in a three seater directly opposite me. His glasses poised on his bald head slid back a little as he adjusted himself in his seat. His movements jared the glasses and it slid further to the back of his head. Finally it happened. The glasses slid all the way down to the back of his neck. 

The man was so badly startled that he screamed out punching right and left like a prized fighter going for the TKO (technical knockout). The glasses flew back behind the seat and landed on the ground with a thud way back beneath the seat he sat on. Having realized it was his glasses he sat clutching his heart and breathing hard. He took a moment to collect himself then reached down to retrieve his glasses. He did not see it. Sitting in the opposite seat I saw clearly where the glasses lay. I said, "it's all the way back you'll need to crouch down to get it.

The man got up from his seat and crouched really low. He retrieved his glasses and promptly set it back atop his bald head. I smiled to myself and thought, 'clearly lesson not learnt'.

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  1. He sounds like a fellow who has been severely traumatized.

  2. Wow! I wonder what happened in his life to react that way. He may not said it, but I bet he appreciated your kind gesture of telling him where to look. Hugs...RO

  3. What an interesting thing to have witnessed. I too wonder why he reacted so forcefully. You wrote this vignette very well; I was drawn right in. :-)

    1. Thank you Jan, glad you enjoyed it. Its always interesting using public transit, so much to observe and learn.


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