May 21, 2018


This year my birthday celebration lasted one week. Each moment was was special each together making one fricking fantastic week of acknowledgment, honoring and celebrating.

May 10th: Surprise breakfast ◇ Chocolate almond croissant with strawberry, black berries & cheese.

May 11th: Phone calls from family singing me happy birthday.

MAY 11th: A movie (Black Panther) night with my eldest daughter which turned into a dinner when my sister met us after. My food was not the greatest. I didn't care because the company was fantastic.

May 12th: A birthday/mother's day lunch with a sister/friend then at home a small celebration with my said sister/friend, her sons, my God sons the youngest of whom felt no birthday was complete without cake. I had a large cookies and cream ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Yum, it was fabulous and lasted a week.

May 14th: Happy birthday song message from my gorgeous,a cousin stationed in Germany. Yes she's military, love her to life!

May 15th: Dinner at the 360 restaurant 1,150 feet up in the CN Tower with a friend. Her gift to me because she said I am  her greatest supporter (receprocity is a beautifuly experience). See CN Tower photos below.

May 18th: Dinner with my youngest daughter, Korean Cuisine. It was great and the company even better!

It was a spectacular birthday.

VIEW CN TOWER/SKYPOD 447m (1,465ft)


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Happy belated Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, you were celebrated! Great shots from any up!

  3. Happy belated birthday and it sounds like it was such a blast! It's always so wonderful to spend time with family! Hugs...RO
    Those pics are pretty fabulous!

  4. Sounds like a fantabulous celebration! It's wonderful to feel appreciated, isn't it? May the joys continue.

  5. Happy birthday! A great whole week of celebration!

  6. Happy belated birthday Sis! You clearly had a good one!


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