Mar 9, 2018


Letting go when you've out grown a relationship can be challenging. 
We hold tight to the idea that all our relationships are meant to last forever. This belief is what causes us to cling physically, emotionally and psychologically to people who are no longer a part of our destiny. We allow notions of sentimentality, loyalty, fear of lonesomeness to stagnate our growth and strangle our excellence. I am here to tell you that letting go is not a​lways a​ bad thing. Is it frightening, hell yes. Can it bring forward some of your biggest doubts and fears? Ooh Lord, I am shaking my head affirmative wanting to shout yes! However my spirit, huh, my spirit challenges that automatic yes and forces me to admit that we are all different and what ​may be true for one person may not hold true for another. Thus I will say sometimes. Sometimes doubts and fears rears its head and we cling to that which is comfortable and sometimes we are ready to fly, to dive into the unknown, to experience what is next to come.
My grandmother always said that change is one of the only guarantee there is in life even though we are not always ready or willing to shift or adapt. To choose to stay in resistance can manifest the very things one might be trying to forestall, put off, avoid, stop. It may mean being left behind, suffering more unduly, isolation, exclusion, the complete dissemination of intimate relationships that could have evolution into friendships due to the unwillingness to LET GO and cleaving to tightly.

Its important to note that not all relations disintegrate completely and result into nothingness. Some relationships are able to transform into something different where the mutual respect remains proving that the end doesn't always have to mean, anger, resentment, bitterness, hate and disgust. 

My point to all this dribble drabble is this, "be open to change even when it seats you uncomfortably." Get out of your own way and don't block the blessing.



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