Dec 28, 2017


Everyday I make a point to look up.
To see the moon, to see the stars.
Some days although they are there, 
they are not readily visible.
Other days they shout there presence, 
by showing their luminescent excellence.
Each time I am graced with there presence,
I say, Thank you for their continued luminescence,

A grey day that was not so grey


  1. Great poem and such lovely pictures! Happy Friday and HUGE Hugs...RO

  2. We are experiencing a near full moon tonight and over the next few days. It's quite bright and shines in my bedroom window. It is also quite cold!

    1. It has been very cold here......
      I thank God I got my heaters replaced in time.

  3. The moon keeps relentlessly revolving around the earth with fanatical accuracy ! The world may be going topsy-turvy but the moon remains placid & serene never fails to wax or wane as nature intended it to !


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