Nov 9, 2017


Everyday we must find at least one thing to be thankful/grateful for. 
We owe it to ourselves to keep our hope alive 
Our faith strong
Our spirit fed
Our mind focused
Our soul soothed
We must do it for ourselves
We must do it for each other
Because we are WORTHY
Because we are ENOUGH
Because we are LIFE
If you are overwhelmed and cannot lift up yourself, lift another & another will lift you up
We are each others keeper
We are each others champion 
Do it because
Do it instinctively
Do it unconditioned

By D.S.B.S.Rhapsody 


  1. Amen and God bless. So happy to be alive and kicking...

    1. Its a powerful thing to be thankful for and certainly worth being on the list of things to be grateful for.

  2. I totally agree that we should be more thankful and kind. Sometimes we can get caught up with the challenges we have in life, forgetting that there are tons of things to be appreciative of. Well said and Happy Friday! Hugs...RO

    1. Yes we are very guilty of getting caught up to the blindness of all else.

      A blessed weekend to you

  3. YES! Beautifully said. Thankfulness isn't something intended for only a single day of the year; it should be a way of living every single day. And yes, we most definitely ARE our brothers' keepers.

    1. Dear Susan, I have found that living in gratitude keeps me humble and being humble keeps me sane. Thank you for commenting I appreciate your feedback

  4. This is so true, I find keeping a gratitude journal so helpful... I'd like to work on doing this more regularly... having them written down is good reminders xox

    1. Dear Launna indeed I can see this as a self-motivating practice and always a reminder not to take things for granted though I have a gratitude Journal actually right here on this blog I have been very guilty of not being consistent as it applies to writing in it daily. I encourage you to share your grstitudes with me via enteries. There is hope for me for thankfully I am consistent in my everyday living and appreciating and not taking anything for granted.thanks for your input

  5. A wonderful reminder to be thankful always! Have a lovely new week!

    1. Thank you so much Nancy I have to give myself a constant reminder so that I remain humble thanks

  6. I am thankful for your way with words. Blessings

    1. Thank you Janelle I would like to take all the credit however both you and I know to whom the glory belongs you have a great day.


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