Sep 23, 2016


I didn’t see what happened however I heard it all blow by blow. The trained stopped and passengers came on. We were 7 stops into the ride so there were scarcely any seats left. The door closed and the trained started to move when I heard. “I want to sit there, give me that seat!” I did not hear the gentleman’s reply, her response however told the story that she did not get her wish. She proceeded to speak loudly shouting. “These seats are for the disabled and old. I am not old. I am only 45 but I can’t stand for long. I have shaky legs. I will fall down. I want that seat!” I looked to my left following the sound of her voice. I saw a Caucasian woman, who looked more like she was in her 50s than in her mid 40s as she claimed holding a buggy in her right hand while she held on with her left bellowing and badgering the man for the seat. Again I did not hear the man’s reply as his responses were too low for me to hear because I was on the opposite side of the train car. Her replies relayed that there was an ongoing dialogue taking place. She again shouted in demand of the seat, when that didn’t work she resorted to blackmail. “I need to sit down. I will fall down. Do you want me to fall down?” “You want me to fall down and stop the train.” “I can fall down and stop the train if you like, will that suit you better.” Suddenly the manipulative badgering stopped; she succeeded in getting “her” seat. The train car was decidedly quiet for the rest of the ride.
Lesson of the day:

In life there are many storms we must navigate; sometimes those storms manifest in the form of people and attitudes. When those times are upon us we must adapt quickly and be like a willow tree to ensure survival.
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