Jun 5, 2016

14 You Are Worthy - Don’t become that which you despise

Dance of the Peacock, 4/7/14, 10:13 AM, 16C, 7434x9901 (175+350), 100%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/40 s, R125.1, G99.3, B95.8
We are at risk of becoming the very people we are most challenged by in our CORE relationships if we allow ourselves to go infinitely unexamined, self-righteous and judgemental in seeking retribution and solace in the other’s demise.

It was said by the elders of my youth that failure to examine the Self and the ways in which the “I” is impacted by our deepest hurts, humiliations and sorrows leaves us blind and vulnerable. Because, it short circuits our ability to see how we are transformed, shaped by those experiences that in turn inform our behavior, our thinking, how we act, react, feel and see ourselves. Thus losing the key lessons the tribulations were designed to specifically bring to fruition.


The “Unexamined” festers, embedding itself into our normalcy of existences that leaves us feeling in the deepest part of our Being inadequate, feeding the lie that we are “not enough”. It is then we are in danger of becoming that which we despise.


We owe it to ourselves, to keep it real with the Self, the inner “I” even if we cannot be real with anyone else. It keeps you from being devoured, displaced, alienated from the Self and living in a constant state of self-denial and negation

You are enough

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