Jun 10, 2015

16 Muscle Pulled in the back of the Thigh–I almost died!

hamstring-injuryThis morning I pulled a muscle in the back of my right thigh while in the shower. Lord have mercy I had no words. I felt like someone took a hold of all those muscles back there and just pulled and snapped them. My mouth was frozen in a scream that didn’t make it pass my lips. The pain was horrendous. I closed my eyes as an agony of pain consumed me. I thought I broke my leg. I began chanting a litany of prayers begging the Lord to please make it better. I couldn’t put my foot down for a few moments while I vacillate between asking the Lord ‘is it broken?’ and begging the holy father for it not to be broken.

During my litany of prayer and begging I ginger shook out my foot, even that hurt like hell. Then I tested it to see if I could stand and gave praises to the almighty when I could. My morning routine of getting ready for work took on a whole new meaning. It was a painful task as bending stretched out the muscle and pain ensued. I wasn’t graceful or eloquent in my movements while getting dressed. It took time, with determination and gritted teeth I managed it.

Walking well lets just say I have given new meaning to the slide shuffle as I dragged my right foot and lifted my whole right side to move it forward. Lets not even get me started with sitting, putting on my shoes or manoeuvring the stairs. On the trained I sat leaning heavily on my left with my bum to the end of the seat because sitting all the way back hurt the back of my thigh. Work was an out of world experience. I made it through and I am thankful to God for my resiliency.

photo from www.healthandfitnesstalk.com

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